Staff Page

Hoss - pretty much is Cain FM

* Snoop - co-founder and engineer. constructed numerous homemade antennas and has helped us construct the antenna sites.

Giggs - webdesign

* anand - website and webstream host

* DJ Hatt - engineer

On-Air Staff
Sir Nigel - ad/id producer

DJ Barsode - ad/id producer

* Dr. Gonzo - underground/ambient show Wed 9-10:30pm

* David Austin - kicks off the weekend every Fri noon-1pm

* Richard J. Dalton - weekly dance show Tue 7pm-9pm

* Nate - Indie Rock show Mon 9-10:30pm

DJ FiRE - ad/id producer

* - denotes ex-staff member

Shelby, Alzamora, big T, Debo and Mel, Amanduh

Cain Kids!
Andy Grey, Tyler D, DJ Noso, Christian, Cali, Saunders, Arwen, Kewwy, Wobbie, Dr. Spears, Brooke, B, Em, Giggs, Mickey, Leshia, Brandon, E.D., Nat, Sean, Deflicted (Nate and Josh), Maggie May, Liz, AxionJax, B-Bab, Cardona, Amy L, Stine, >Em B, Melly, Refuge (Grant, Jenny P, Amy, Sammy, Nathan, Joel, Tim, Nathan J, Brandon B), Mark, Nate, Sally